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SmartBamboo® supply premium quality bamboo veneer.
--FSC certified bamboo veneer is available;
--NAUF bamboo veneer is available;
--3100mm (10ft) length is available.
The veneer is sliced from laminated bamboo blocks. It could be widely used for furniture, kitchen, cabinetry, flooring, sportboards, door, wall and ceiling etc.
The standard length is 2500mm (8ft). We also developed the longer veneer like 2850mm and 3100mm (10ft).  
We back the bamboo veneer with a kind of cellulose fleece, which is bonded with D3 water resistance PVAc glue. Both the fleece and glue were imported from Europe.
This imported fleece could endure temperatures above 220 degrees Celsius and avoid glue penetration. The veneer backed with this fleece is very flexible and strong. It could be easily pressed on the surface of different carrier boards (like chipboard, MDF, plywood and multi-layer board etc.)
Color:          Natural & Carbonized
Patterns:     Horizontal (plain) & Vertical (side)
Thickness:  0.30 - 3mm
Length:        below 3100mm (10ft)
Width:          below 1350mm
Source:      We only use mature Phyllostachys Pubescens
                    (Chinese name: MAO bamboo) over 5 years to
                    get most excellent hardness and stability.
Flexible and strong: It brings zero waste to customers.
Color:        The color uniformity within single sheet and
                    between sheets is very important. We have
                    strict color selection system to assure color
                    match in every lot for customer. Again, there
                    would be no waste and possible claim for user.
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