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1-ply Traditional Bamboo: Various thicknesses are available. Normally, the thin panel is used as veneer for furniture, flooring top layer, table top and wall covering etc.
Thin panel (veneer panel)
Standard size (T x W x L)
3 /4/5 x 1220 x 2440mm
Thick vertical panel
Standard size (T x W x L)
8/19 x 1220 x 2440mm
Contact us for longer panels! 3000mm and 4000mm are available.

1-ply Density Bamboo: Density is made through smashing the bamboo stem to small fibers, then pressing them to a plank with an environmentally friendly method under more than 3,000 tons pressure. Thereby,  the structure is changed completely. This process creates a very hard boards (more than 6 Brinell, compared to 4 Brinell of traditional bamboo) with an extraordinary look.

The colors are natural, carbonized and zebra etc. We could supply Density Bamboo in 2440x1220mm.