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Green material: Botanically, bamboo is not wood, but a 'grass' that grows very fast. It could be said that bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth. Some species could grow 30 to 50cm per day in growing season. It needs some time to mature and get enough hardness and density (normally for quality bamboo veneer, panels and flooring, it needs older bamboo than 5 years).

The most amazing feature of bamboo is its self-replenishing characteristic. This shows its grass nature. After being harvested, bamboo needs to be treated timely to get sugar out, be sterilized and dried.

Ideal alternative to wood: Bamboo, with self-replenishing characteristic and fast growing ability offers an excellent alternative to wood. Choosing it could save forest. 

We only uses MAO Bamboo (Phyllostachys Pubescens), because of its ideal physical properties. MAO Bamboo has big diameter, fine color, grain and density which are comparable to hardwood and very suitable for industry application.

The key factor (most realistic one) to have bamboo be ideal alternative to wood is its excellent mechanical workability. Mature bamboo treated with special ways could get excellent wood-similar characteristics. For example, bamboo is much harder than oak, also it has very minimal tendency to swell or shrink.