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Stem to strips: Firstly, the bamboo stem is split into strips lengthways.
Two different patterns (horizontal and vertical)
After sterilizing treatment, the strips are fine planed to smooth rectangle shape.
--Horizontal (plain pressed): Gluing the strips horizontally, the panels show visible bamboo knots.
--Vertical (side pressed): Gluing the strips vertically, the panels come in fineline pattern with less visible bamboo knots.
Slicing, Drying, grade selecting and splicing
The panels are laminated into one block, and be submerged in hot water for softening. Then, it will be sliced. The veneer sheets will be dried and selected in different quality and color grades. The smaller sheets are jointed to regular sizes by German machine with uniform color match.
Backing and fine sanding: The veneer is backed with European fleece and D3 grade PVAc glue. The backed sheets are stronger and easier to handle. A fine sanding will be applied to make sure the thickness is equal.
Color selection and package: A strict color selection was done before packing the veneers. Different color groups are selected out and marked on outside package.
Strong pallets, thick paper cartons, moisture protection and plywood crate give further assurance on quality delivery.